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Interview for Dropout Entertainment
2 November 2012As you can probably tell, I’m no stranger to clicking the shutter a few times for a music show. I love it. I love the energy of music shows, and being able to freeze that energy and show others what they’re missing out on! Suckahs. Also, I can’t complain about getting to see a band play. Awesome.Anyway, on November 2 I got to do a little work for Dropout Entertainment. Only this time, I’d be shooting an interview! I’d never done that before. How exciting. And the experience turned out to be a pretty great one. Running Violet “plays 2012 but thinks 1964.” That should be pretty explanatory. Much of their influence comes from retro bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and they create a music child that looks up to artists like The Black Keys and Silversun Pickups.
What it really came down to was hangin’ out with an entertaining group of guys who just love doin’ what they do. And they do it well. The chemistry between the band members is extremely evident — pretty sure I heard them finishing each other’s sentences. To have a great band — a great anything — there needs to be a great connection between parties. I highly suggest checking them out next time they play, but you’ll have to fight me for a spot in the front row :)
Ghost in a lightning storm
summer 2011